Pastiche Energy Solutions, a company focussed on the product development and operations of lithium and its allied products, is one of the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of customised batteries, battery packs and battery chargers for various applications and energy storage systems.

Through our vast and strong global network with the premium manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to deliver products that are highly reliable and dependent.

Based on the application and use, we provide a full range of lithium battery products:
1. 18650 Cylindrical Batteries
2. Prismatic Batteries
3. Polymer Batteries
4. Battery Packs

Through our refined expertise and knowledge in the field, we also offer our customers the most appropriate and complete set of machines and equipments for battery development at R&D and Production Levels.

We have catered to the vast and diversified small and large scale requirements of the battery industry, thus developing a strong customer network, based on our products which deliver high performance and reliability.

Thus, Pastiche Energy Solutions aims to be one of the first class lithium battery suppliers and providing customised battery products and services for its worldwide clients.

A lithium-ion battery (sometimes Li-ion battery or LIB) is a family of rechargeable battery  types in which Lithium  ions move from the anode to the cathode during discharge, and back when charging.

Advantage’s of Lithium-ion Batteries

1. Compact size and light weight
2. High energy density and voltage
3. Good charge retention capability
4. Long calendar and cycle life
5. High energy density and efficiency, > 95%
6. High depth of discharge, upto 90% DOD
7. Low self discharge
8. Sealed and Maintenance free - no periodic discharge required
9. Intelligence ( charge management, individual cell monitoring, state-of-charge indication, communication, etc)
10. Battery Management System provides monitoring and control capability
11. Highly flexible size and weight options
12. Non-polluting and environmentally safe technology
13. High performance under abusive conditions



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